Fighting Big Corporate Entities in Personal Injury Cases Requires Professional Legal Assistance

People may be accustomed to hearing about frivolous lawsuits filed by individuals who were injured under unfortunate circumstances, perhaps partly because of their own carelessness. In reality, it is rare for a lawsuit to be filed if it is frivolous. Since personal injury lawyers generally are only paid if they win the case, they will not waste their time on lawsuits filed just to make a point. Information on one particular lawyer can be seen at

The Infamous Coffee Lawsuit

The concept of the frivolous lawsuit may have gained momentum after the case in which a woman was severely burned by hot coffee at a fast-food restaurant drive-through. What people fail to understand, however, is that the coffee was so hot it caused third-degree burns even after soaking through clothing. The 79-year-old woman originally only requested payment for medical expenses, which the corporation refused to pay. It was only after this that a lawsuit was filed, and a jury awarded the woman almost $3 million.

It becomes clear that a case like this is not frivolous at all. The jury was obviously troubled by the huge corporation’s refusal to pay a reasonable and affordable amount to someone who was seriously injured by a cup of coffee that was so hot it was actually dangerous.

When the Premises Are Not Kept Safe

Other cases occur in which people are injured because property owners did not keep the premises safe. Sometimes when a big corporation can easily pay for the individual’s medical expenses and lost wages, the company’s insurer disputes the claim for various reasons. For example, they might run through surveillance footage to find any evidence that the person was distracted for even a second while walking onto a slippery wet floor. They discount the entire case for this reason, even if nobody had bothered to put up a yellow caution sign.

Professional Legal Assistance

Someone who has been injured on a commercial property cannot battle corporate entities of this magnitude alone. These individuals need the assistance of an attorney with an organization such as the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates.