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Fundamental Signs That You Need To Follow To Determine Whether Your Home Is Termite Infested

Termite infestation is not something to anticipate as termites are not only deadly but they are overly disastrous as they take orders with a high level of precision. The fact that termites work together as a colony tends to threaten you as the domicile proprietor. There is need for you to identify an infestation fast. Jotted below are termite infestation signs to look for.

The first sign entails termite-eaten wood. It is impossible to keep termites from eating wood as they love it. Where you find wood that looks like it has been eaten by the termites, you should follow and determine whether your assumptions are right. Eaten wood is the best and the most common sign to follow.

The second fundamental sign to consider is the presence of discarded wings in your home. Fir you to have a termite infestation in your home, you will have a male and a female termite leaving the nest with an aim of establishing their own colony. Some of the colonies will always infest at night and others during the day. There are season-sensitive termites which will only infest your home come a specific season. As the termites infest your home, their wings will be detached from their bodies and this is always the first sign for an infestation. Therefore, ensure to look for tiny wings either inside the house or outside the house or your guest house.

Head-banging is another fundamental sign to look for. Termites use head banging tactic to communicate where there is a danger or something to the queen. Therefore, ensure to follow the head-bang and chewing sounds in your home.

The other sign that will enable you determine whether your home is termite-infested is identifying termite droppings. Where you identify termite droppings, you should automatically affirm that your home is termite infested. Some of the termite species like the subterranean will use their feces to construct the tunnels they will be using and this makes it hard to find droppings. However, there are colonies that find feces to be a distraction to move forward and they push them out of the tunnels and this makes it easier for you to identify the droppings. Tiny and dark are the features of termite droppings.

Finally, you need to look for distorted paint. Whenever there is a termite infestation issue, you will see traces of paint distortion. Therefore, ensure to keep inspecting your wall at all given times and this will enable you determine whether you have a termite infestation issue in the early stages.